Wedding and Portrait Photographers

The SWPP and BBPA were established in 1988 by Derek Avery, the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers was established to meet the needs of professional wedding and portrait photographers, in full tima and part time occupations.

The British Professional Photographers Associates was founded at the same time by Nigel Greenstreet, thesame directives were in place but was open to a larger range of photographers.

In January 2000, Philip Jones CEO of SWPP, announced a merger between the two organisations, under the umbrella of the SWPP. This venture was to produce a new photographic society constantly improving standards of photography in the UK and would benefit everyone.

Over the years this Society has grown rapidly, it is now open to international photographers as well as UK photographers which has helped build the reputaion of the SWPP and BPPA. These new memberships are a testament to the success of the Society as a whole.

Membership to this organisation has many benefits including low PI and All Risks insurance, low priced workshops and seminars with some of the worlds leading photographers, a recognized qualifications system, discounted online advertising and much more……..

I have been involved in a few projects for the SWPP including charity shoots organised by Mavis Roper (founder of leading model agency boss) where photographers got the chance to shoot models in ideal locations to build up there portfolios. The quaifaications are internationally recognised and much more useful than most degree or college courses as they have a mentor system where you can work as you learn and still make money.

I would recommend membership for any photographer as the seminars and workshops are great to learn new techniques and network.

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