Try Different Angles

Great Photography Tips – Try Different Angles

It’s so easy, and the results are amazing. You should really try shooting your subject from a variety of different angles instead of just straight on. as we normally tend to do. This quick tip adds a unique point of view and dimension to your picture, and will really stand out from your normal shots.

Don’t be afraid to stand on a chair, climb up a hill, lay on your back, or even get on your knees. You could even try turning the camera 90° to take a vertical shot instead of a horizontal one.  This technique works well when you’re shooting something that is long, or when you’re taking a picture of one or two people.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy photography tip, and remember to get a copy of “Shoot Digital Pics Like The Pros“, where you will discover a whole bunch more of easy to follow photography and digital camera tips like this one:)

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