Photography Tip Of The Week Selling photos (Istock)

Online Micro Stock Photography websites are a new and quite an easy way for photographers to make some extra money.

Micro stock photography is just normal stock photography but it is sold with more discounts. Clients purchase the stock photos for about $1 or $2, whilst the photographers will earn money every time their photos are chosen.
Micro stock photography is still relatively new, and there have been arguments about the ethics of selling photographs so low especially when many professional photographers put a lot of time and money on equipment, learning, and other expenses that come up on photo shoots.
Although for the amateur photographer or someone just starting out it is a good way to earn extra cash. Entry requirements are not too strict so a lot of amateurs photographers can earn some added cash on the side.

How do you do it?

1. Research into the most popular micro stock photography agencies online. The more popular ones may have more restrictions but chances are more people will visit increasing your chances of an image being picked.

2. Submit the very best of your images. Agencies will differ in their requirements, some may want 10 others may only want a few or just one for the first upload.

3.All images are humanly moderated these will be accepted or rejected into the micro stock photography site. If they’re accepted, then clients will have access to purchase them.
This means licensing the pictures for specific use. The photographer always has full copyrights to their photos though, this is why it is possible to sell the same photos over and over again to a number clients.

4.Most micro stock photography agencies pay about $0.20 – $0.50 per picture license, or download. Although this seems a minimal amount this can soon add up over time you can add hundreds of images and the pennies soon add up.

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