Photography Battle of Hastings

Local photography enthusiasts from around Hastings will be showcasing over 100 images on Hastings Pier over the next few days.

The photographers showcasing their work are all members of the Channel Hastings group from Flickr.

182 members add to this forum and both local residents and visitors to Hastings are exhibitingadding up to in more than 4,000 photos being taken in the historical Hastings, 1066 Country.

This Sunday (August 3) the majority of these photographs will be on display. Exhibits of work from the ‘clubs’ latest project, Three Colours, Red, White and Blue, are on show between 11am and 5pm.

Visitors are being asked to vote for their favourite photograph and the winning entry will be announced  after 4pm von Sunday.

This exhibition is showing off the talents of photographers who are local or have travelled to Hastings to admire the historical background and beauty of the area. It should also promote tourism to the area.

The Photo Display is on from Monday July 14 until August 17.
Any budding photographers and Hastings fans should sign up for a Flickr account for free and after joining Flickr they can then participate in the Channel Hastings group and join in the next photo challenge.

Dr. Bernard Lewinsky is using photography to help cure Cancer! No its not instead of drugs or radiation but photography is being used as a tool to calm patients and make them feel more relaxed whilst going through treatment.

The American Oncologist is a budding photographer and uses his photography to de stress himself he then started using his images to help relax his patients.

The hospital lost that cold sterile environment and became a much brighter colourful place.

Patients don’t feel as though they are coming in forradiation therapy so much as they are enjoying a day at an art gallery.

Dr Lewinsky has even set up a monitor on the radiation chamber to show slides of images whilst the patients are receiving treatment.

A peaceful, serene environment instills calm, I suppose that is why I am stressed… from my messy desk!

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