Missing Model

Britains Missing Model has been the latest reality TV show

Britains Missing Model has been the latest reality TV show to expose the superficial world of fashion and photography, a satirical look at the industry based on the style of shows like Americas next top model and Make me a supermodel the show takes girls with mental and physical disabilities and puts them in front of the lens, the critics, and exposes them to the reality of being a model.

The Industry as a whole is superficial full of girls who are seemingly perfect and made to feel inadequate. Although I have so much respect for these girls with disabilities and illnesses, I feel that the humiliation they will be put through, and the criticism of every imperfection, is more than I would be able to handle. If I had an obvious disability such as them and had that aswell as all my other minor imperfections put under scrutiny on national television my friends and family would probably worry about my stability of emotions and worry about the stress and mental implications it could have. There is coming to terms with the fact you have a slightly less than perfect body but the industry is not likely to accept a beautiful girl with a missing arm or who has to wheel down a catwalk rather than stomp.

I appreciate that the girls are doing a great job and must have more balls than limbs, but be real when fashion photographers only use size zero models I don’t think they’ll say to kate moss “sorry luv I want someone with cerebral palsy”. The only reason any of these girls may get work will be through the infamy of being on that show.

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