How To Be A Photographer

Learn How To Be A Photographer Even If You’re The Most Novice Beginner

Photography was always a passion of mine and it’s a hobby that I really wanted to make the most of. It was easy enough for me to get things going because I had such beautiful subjects for my camera to enjoy: my sister, Emil has two gorgeous children.

Every background is acceptable because they manage to make it all look good… and I suppose with the little knowledge I’ve gained about photography lighting tricks and effects, I help enhance the pictures too.

This is where I come to the photography tips that I’d like to share with you today. They’re all about capturing moments and portraiture photography and how you can get the best result possible. You might be an amateur photographer, but your pictures will definitely come out professional.

This post includes everything that I learned over the years form my wonderful mentor, and I feel honored to be able to pass it all on to you. 

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How to be a Good Photographer-Capturing Moments

Today’s question is How to be a Photographer and it might seem that capturing every day moments with your camera is really easy.

But there is an art to it. It isn’t just the smile of the subject that you want to capture in your shot, but the mood behind it as well. Most importantly, you need to capture the real essence of the subject.

This doesn’t seem so important when you are just taking pictures with your mobile phone camera or if you just play around with the camera for fun, but I consider myself and every amateur photographer an artist in the making.

The reality of making this art yours is knowing how to catch what really matters in your camera shot. In fact, for some really great ideas on how to do this, click on this link where you will learn how to capture jaw-dropping images.

How To Become A Photographer By Anticipating Your Subject’s Behavior

It’s true that sometimes you just see something that you simply just have to take a photograph of. Most photographers always have their camera ready to go because they are always in search of something inspiring to take shots of.

But if you see a subject that you like and think you would enjoy photographing, then one very important aspect of getting a professional result is being able to anticipate your subject’s behavior. If you can do this, then you will know just when to be ready to click.

Some moments disappear in a flash and if you aren’t able to anticipate their arrival, then you miss out on your shot. The trick to being able to anticipate behavior accurately is to observe your subject very carefully. You can set your aperture and shutter speed in advance so that when your moment arrives, you can click without any hesitation or fidgeting.

Capturing Everyday Life

Capturing everyday life isn’t as easy as it sounds, but it doesn’t require an IQ of 150 either. When it comes to taking shots of people in their daily routines, what a photographer really requires is the knack for understanding human nature. Human nature is very unpredictable in certain circumstances but in some situations, people usually tend to follow familiar patterns. For example, most people will smile when they see a baby or if someone hands them flowers. If you hear a knock, you will look up. When you can understand such connections, then you can take your shots at the exact split-second the window for that great photograph opens because you are ready for the reaction you know is about to come.


Events usually mean group portraits, which are notoriously hard to get right. You need to ensure everyone is smiling, looking at the camera and that all eyes are open in the shot. It requires the photographer to have a lot of patience and creativity, not to mention a smidgeon of diplomacy!

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