Disabled Models

Although the other post had some good points there are two sides to every story, I believe a picture tells a thousand words and if these girls can do it then let them!

Modelling isn’t just about being a size zero or being pretty there is a lot of work behind it and the best models have that spark behind their eyes. Models who have passion, intelligence, confidence and life experience! If designers need a size zero girl to make their clothes look good then they are not very good designers. Fashion should be for everyone.

In photography you want your picture to be interesting

In photography you want your picture to be interesting, have depth and have a story. A disabled model could be the future… they would challenge peoples perceptions and would be memorable.
Kate Moss models everything from Hugo Boss to Topshop and I’m bored of seeing her, I can’t tell the difference between a high street ad or top of the range fashion spread they all look the same.

If I saw a disabled model, or even a fat model

If I saw a disabled model, or even a fat model, the image, advert or clothes would be so much more memorable to me. So why do we carry on using the same boring skinny girls, come on people no body is perfect so why don’t we celebrate that for a change!!

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