Complete List of Ways To Learn Photography

It goes without saying that first off you need to take a look at our free report “Take Digital Pics Like The Pros“, which is packed with the very best tips for beginners to learn photography fast.

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List of Ways To Learn Photography:

Read the manual – Teach yourself – Read some photography books – Learn photography from the masters

Read photography ebooks – Learn with a group of friends – Use Youtube videos – Attend university and study photography

Go to a local college – Go to a local photography course – Take a one day course – Learn from blogs and photo sites

Learn from an online photography course – Become active on a photography forum – Simple trial and error

Just shoot lots of photographs – Attend an weekend courses – Camera clubs – Mentorship/Apprenticeship

The list could go on and one. The main thing is that nobody can tell you what is best for you.

If you want to learn photography, ask yourself what is the most fun you’ve had learning something? And then try to replicate that. When something is fun people tend to learn quickly. Also as yourself what format do you prefer when learning?

Some people prefer the written word and others are more visual. Then choose your method(s) accordingly. A hybrid approach is really great. Just combine a few theoretical and practical approaches and you’ll be all set.

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