Camera Phones

Camera phones were once a novel feature only available on the latest models they were grainy and unclear and often resembled a magic eye picture when blown up to anything bigger than a 5cm x 5cm screen. As technology has developed so have camera phones and they have quickly caught up to the digital cameras with 5 mega pixel camera resolutions.So this would mean you can get rid of your digital camera and just invest in a good phone.

The latest camera phones boast 5-megapixels and are packed with features including xenon flashes , optical zoom, GPS and HSDPA (3.5G) for super-fast access to the Internet.

So does a 5-megapixel camera phone compete with a high-end 5-megapixel camera, well… no.

The worst problem I’ve found is that a small phone does not cope with all the features, there is no room for image sensors or exposure modes for example, and I have had to chuck my k850i in the bi as although the camera is good for a camera phone it write messages or work properly as a phone.

I’ve given up on camera phones although they are great for taking quick photos I would rather use a phone that works and carry a compact point and shoot that workds rather than have a two in one that doesn’t.

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