Boudoir Photography at Home

Boudoir photography has become increasingly popular in recent years. Either as a wedding present, an anniversary gift, or for no real reason at all, women have found that beautiful, elegant, and often seductive pictures of themselves is a real treat for the significant others in their lives.  

Many studios now specialize in glamour photography, but it’s also completely possible to take these pictures in one’s very own bedroom. If you’re interested in doing some amateur boudoir photography at home, here are some helpful hints.

lighting is everything

First of all, you have to consider that in photography lighting is everything.   A lot of light is ideal and for the best results you’re going to want to use work lights on tripods.   Of course, not everyone has professional lighting equipment, so the overhead light of a room, indirect window light, and the camera’s flash are also options.  

You want a lot of light because you want to eliminate shadows that could obscure the picture.  

You also want to absolutely avoid light coming from behind. Backlit photographs will cause the model to appear dark and undefined in the photographs.

Also, a background is important in glamour photography. You don’t want to set up in a bedroom with clothes on the floor and a lot of clutter lying around. The space should be organized in a way that the subject of the pictures chooses.  

Namely, it should convey the kind of image and attitude that the model desires.   Items of intimacy, such as pillows and other props, are a good idea.

Before shooting, make sure the model and the room are exactly right so that the session can continue smoothly and without interruption. 

boudoir sessions

Also keep in mind that, even without interruption, boudoir sessions can take hours.   The pictures are meant to show the most perfect and beautiful side of the model, so a lot of photographs are necessary to ensure that the ones to make up the final collection are the absolute best.   Don’t be surprised if this process takes hours.

Throughout shooting, it’s important to make sure that the model feels comfortable and is happy with her session.  

If you’re taking these pictures of yourself, then most likely this will be no obstacle.   However, if you’re taking pictures of someone else, especially of a customer that you’re not acquainted with, this can be a delicate situation.  

These pictures are extremely personal and private, and for your customer to be at her most elegant and seductive in front of a total stranger will take grace and patience on your part.   Allow her to get comfortable both with you and her surroundings.  

Keep her robed until shooting and allow her to put her robe back on immediately afterwards to avoid any awkwardness.  

Comfort is absolutely essential to a good session of glamour photography.

A professional atmosphere is essential for a boudoir session.  

Make sure that you follow such basic guidelines as lighting and setting to reassure your client that she is going to receive the best possible service. Also, make sure to cater to her as she sees fit. After all, these pictures are all about her.

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